Vinnie Paz – God Of The Serengeti (Vinyl 2LP)

Enemy Soil


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Vinnie Paz – God Of The Serengeti Vinyl 2XLP

Label: Enemy Soil

Cat No: ES-LP-1201


A1 Shadow Of The Guillotine
A2 Slum Chemist
A3 The Oracle
A4 And Your Blood Will Blot Out The Sun
A5 Last Breath
B1 Crime Library
B2 Feign Submission (Interlude)
B3 Duel To The Death
B4 Problem Solver
B5 Battle Hymn
C1 Geometry Of Business
C2 Jake LaMotta
C3 7 Fires Of Prophecy
C4 Cheesesteacks
D1 Cold, Dark And Empty
D2 Razor Gloves
D3 Wolves Amongst The Sheep
D4 You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train

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