Various - Troubled Waters (Vinyl LP)

Mississippi Records


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Label: Mississippi Records

Cat No: MRP-100


A1 –RL Burnside - Goin' Down South
A2 –James Davis - Instrumental #1
A3 –Jessie Lee Vortis - Miss Maybelle
A4 –Rosa Lee Hill - Count The Days I'm Gone
A5 –Jessie Clarence Gorman - Going Up The Country #2
A6 –Robert, Norma, Dorothy & Shirley Johnson - Precious Lord
A7 –Green Pascal - My Lord
A8 –Jessie Mae Hemphill - I Want To Be Ready
B1 –Napoleon Strickland And Drummers - Hey Freddie
B2 –RL Burnside - Poor Black Mattie
B3 –James Davis - Instrumental #4
B4 –Joe Callicott - Frankie And Johnny
B5 –Cecil Barfield - Lucy Mae Blues
B6 –Furry Lewis - Furry Lewis Careless Love
B7 –James Shorter - Home Coming
B8 –Robert, Norma, Dorothy & Shirley Johnson - Trying To Make It Homes

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