Various - The Rough Guide To Mali Blues (Vinyl LP)

Rough Music Guides

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Various - The Rough Guide To Mali Blues (Vinyl LP)

Label: Rough Music Guides

Cat No: RGNET1384LP

A compilation of blues and Taureg music from Mali.


A1 Samba Toure - "Yermakoye" (5:18)
A2 Tartit - "Afous Dafous" (3:15)
A3 Ali Baba Cisse - "Kaya" (3:27)
A4 Sabu Doriente - "Yawoye" (6:59)
B1 Anansy Cisse - "Gomni" (4:15)
B2 Modiba Diabate - "Bonya" (4:39)
B3 Alkibar Jr - "La Paix" (6:29)
B4 Alba Griot Ensemble - "Horonia" (3:53)

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