Various - Shanghai'd Soul: Episode 4 (Vinyl LP)



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Various - Shanghai'd Soul: Episode 4 Vinyl LP

Label: Numero

Cat No: NBR-007 LP

A wonderful compilation from the good folks at Numero. Exploring an area of soul that seems to be inseparable from the Wu-Tang movement in New York during the 90's.


A1) Am I a Good Man - Them Two
A2) Don't Be Surprised - Lynn Williams
A3) You Can't Blame Me - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
A4) This Time - Family Connection
A5) Never Walk Out On You - Mitch Mitchell/Gene King
A6) Nevermore - Renaldo Domino
B7) O Yes My Lord - Voices of Conquest
B8) Like a Ship - T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir
B9) Is There Any Love? - Trevor Dandy
B10) Dirt and Grime - Father's Children
B11) I Need Your Love - Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals
B12) Ladies and Wonderful Girls - Majestic Arrows
B13) Aeroplane - Wee

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