Various - Kinshasa 1978 (Vinyl LP)

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Various - Kinshasa 1978 (Vinyl LP)

Label: Crammed Discs

Cat No: CRAM294LP

Kinshasa 1978 is a compilation of recordings by Konono No. 1, Sankayi, Orchestre Bambala, Orchestre Bana Luya which were all recorded in, you guessed it, 1978. The songs presented here are previously unreleased reconstructed by Martin Meissonnier from a session produced by Bernard Treton.


A1 Sankayi - "Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir" (Martin Meissonnier Reconstruction) (15:48)
A2 Konono N 1 - "Roots Of K" (Martin Meissonnier Reconstruction) (6:20)
B1 Orchestre Bambala - "Animation Kifuti" (Martin Meissonnier Reconstruction) (7:31)
B2 Orchestre Bana Luya - "Animation" (Martin Meissonnier Reconstruction) (15:31)

Enclosed CD

1 Konono N 1 - "Kin 78 One"
2 Orchestre Bana Luya - "Kin 78 Two"
3 Orchestre Bambala - "Kin 78 Three"
4 Sankayi - "Kin 78 Four"

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