Various - Down & Wired (Vinyl LP)


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Various - Down & Wired  Vinyl LP

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Cat No: PTR0431

Few would challenge the claim that the 1960s and 70s have been the most fertile two decades in the history of popular music ever - a period which, regardless of genre, laid the foundations for everything that has followed. What is more, this period was so fertile that the speed with which tastes changed left a colossal amount of incredible music to gather dust - perhaps most famously a profusion of funk, soul and jazz. It was a musical legacy that lay mouldering until the rise of sampling in late 80s hip-hop precipitated a mad scramble for lost crates and suddenly, the music that became known as 'rare groove' - for obvious reasons (it was rare and very groovy) - experienced a phoenix-like rebirth.


A1 Dirty Martha - She's Not There
A2 By-Chantz Operation - Blue Lover
A3 Skuzzy Frogg - Nation
A4 The Revised Brotherhood - Tragedy
A5 Roy Roberts - Going West
B6 Chain - Down and Wired
B7 Johnny Holiday - Nobody Loves Me but My Mama
B8 The Cardboard Box - Come on Baby
B9 Stone Henge - Druid
B10 T.D. & Jimmy James 3 - Mosquito Eater
B11 Robert Starks - Space Travelling, Pt. 1 (feat. The Geniuses)

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