Tyrone Davis / Gene Chandler - Slip Away (Vinyl 7")

Deptford Northern Soul Club Records


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Tyrone Davis / Gene Chandler - Slip Away (Vinyl 7")

Label: Deptford Northern Soul Club

Cat No: DNSCR 012

Two much over soul vocalist from the North Soul era step up on one mighty 7" here with Tyrone Davis' essential version of Clarence Carter's 'Slip Away' on the first side. It has never been available as a single before and with the brass build and funky groove, it's irresistible. Flip it over and drop that needle for a different but equal good sound, this time as Gene Chandler builds a high energy and intense vibe as he covers James Brown's huge 'There Was A Time'. Sharp, driving and high impact, it's the second sizzler on this fine 7".


1. Tyrone Davis - "Slip Away" (2:26)
2. Gene Chandler - "There Was A Time" (3:33)

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