Twin Cosmos - Double Action (Vinyl LP)

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Twin Cosmos - Double Action (LP, Album, RE) 

LER 1030

 Twin Cosmos’ – ‘Double Action’ is a conceptual album by Japanese twins released in 1982, with each brother contributing to one side of the LP in a Yin & Yang approach. Side A, recorded by Morihito sounds like something that Brian Wilson might have created in the early 1980’s, after visiting Brazil and learning Japanese. In Contrast Side B, recorded by Yasuhito is a darker self-reflective and experimental work that mirrors his time living in NY & LA during the late ‘70’s and sounds like something Lou Reed might have made while going gown a David Lynch spiral.

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A1. Giniro No Tsubasa
A2. LosAngeles City
A3. Silent Love
A4. Seventy Cherrys
A5. Space Flight
B1. Prologue
B2. Happy Turkey Day's
B3. Improvisation(Love)
B4. None (Words By?)
B5. How Short Our Life Are!
B6. Mad Love
B7. God. Truth. Love
B8. Telephone
B9. Nothing Meaning Of Life!
B10. Eraser Head
B11. Evil Spirits
B12. Crush


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