Tom Misch - Beat Tape 1 (Vinyl 2LP)

Beyond The Groove


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Tom Misch - Beat Tape 1 (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Beyond The Groove

Cat No: BTG003VL

Beat Tape 1 marks Tom Mich's first official release of his instrumental beats, which combine elements of jazz, soul, and grooves all heavily inspired by Tom's love for J Dilla. Composed, performed and mixed by Tom Misch.


A1   The Real Thing    (2:00)
A2   In A Special Way (1:39)
A3   Summer (2:00)
A4   Take Me Back (2:00)
A5   Keep Moving (2:00)
A6   Lush Lyfe (2:00)
A7   Epiphany (2:00)
A8   Dilla Love (2:00)
B1   Cruisin' (1:56)
B2   Deeper (1:31)
B3   Windmills Of Your Mind (2:00)
B4   Climbing (2:00)
B5   Marrakech (2:00)
B6   Euphoric (1:25)
B7   Can't Explain It (2:00)
B8   Maguel Chops (1:11)
B9   Wind (Jazzy Joint) (2:00)
B10  Wonder (2:00)
B11  You Got Me Flying (2:00)

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