TNT Roots - Raw Dub Creator (Vinyl LP)

Bokeh Versions


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TNT Roots - Raw Dub Creator (Vinyl LP)

Label: Bokeh Versions

Cat No: BKV028

TNT has never released a record before (aside from the 12" we did last year), so this is a huge fucking honour to be trusted with this material. TNT Roots has continued a solo career since Earthquake quietly folded in 2002, trading short-run CDr's on Ebay and the Blood & Fire forum. His music still survives on not-for-sale dubplates - pushed exclusively by legendary 90s sounds like Aba Shanti.


A1 Redemption
A2 Powerful (feat. Earthquake)
A3 Glorious Dub
A4 Righteous Vibration
A5 African Science (Mix 2)
A6 Earthman
B7 Foundation (Mix 2)
B8 Lord of Hosts (feat. Earthquake)
B9 Iron Shirt
B10 Guidance (feat. Yahweh Warriors)
B11 Yahweh the Redeemer

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