The Spyres - Looking For A Place (Vinyl 7")

Ocean of Tears

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The Spyres - Looking For A Place (Vinyl 7")

Label: Ocean Of Tears

Cat No: OOT 008

More rare, hard-to-find treasure from Athens of the North offshoot Ocean of Tears. The tracks showcased here were first featured on the sole single from obscure Mississippi garage band the Spyres and credited vocalist Mark Prewitt, a 1967 release that has been all but impossible to find ever since. The track order has been reversed this time round in order to showcase original B-side 'Looking For a Place', a heart-breaking slice of evocative, slow-motion soul slightly influenced by British beat music of the period. Speaking of British beat music, turn to the flip for original A-side 'Baby Let Me Take You Home', a cheery, organ-heavy cover of the Animals song of the same name.


1. "Looking For A Place" (2:26)
2. "Baby Let Me Take You Home" (2:14)

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