The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (Vinyl LP)

Habibi Funk


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The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (Vinyl LP) 

Label: Habibi Funk


A combination of incredible Sudanese horn arrangements and powerful, funky drum tracks, this LP from The Scorpions is truly unique. With originals ridiculously hard to come by, Habibi Funk have kindly offered us a high quality reissue with an extensive booklet containing photos and liner notes.


A1 Seira Music
A2 Shaikan Music
A3 Saat Alfarah
A4 Farrah Galbi Aljadeed
A5 Kaif Halo
B6 Forssa Saeeda
B7 Nile Waves
B8 Azzah Music
B9 Bride Of Afrika (feat. Osman Zeeto)
B10 Hilwa ya amoora

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