The Rias Orchestra Conducted By Helmuth Brandenburg ‎– Babylon A.M.C. (Vinyl LP)



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The Rias Orchestra Conducted By Helmuth Brandenburg ‎– Babylon A.M.C. (Vinyl LP)

Label: Sonorama

Cat No: SONOL112

"Babylon A.M.C." Subtitle: "Instrumental Fantasy for 11 Keyboards & Rhythm and Brass Combination" is the most advanced and versatile work by German composer, pianist and saxophonist Helmuth Brandenburg. The music is arranged in the form of a suite, as a progressive fusion composition of ten individual tracks. These tracks move unconventionally between genres such as jazz, funk, electronica, world music and touches of a Giallo soundtrack. This melting pot flows much like a concept album.

The vinyl LP of the same name was created in 1978 at the RIAS recording studio in West Berlin. An excursion into the so-called "Sound Library" territory for the independent label "Intersound". The music was used exclusively for the synchronization of TV films and radio spots. There is a clear association to the sounds of Giorgio Moroder, Popol Vuh and the French band AIR. Brandenburg mixes these influences and styles in order to shape his own sound vision. For the names of the individual tracks, he only uses terms that hail from ancient Babylon.


A1 Ele Toldoth 3:26
A2 Amram 2:45
A3 Tardema 3:25
A4 Neschamah 3:48
A5 Abed 3:18
B1 Pru Urebu 4:58
B2 Nahor 3:05
B3 Athbasch 4:54
B4 Thariah 3:48
B5 Schem-Ajin-Beth 4:28

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