The Leaders - (It's a) rat race (Vinyl 7")

Athens Of The North


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The Leaders - (It's a) rat race (Vinyl 7")

Label: Athens Of The North

Cat No: ATH093V

When we are talking deepunk classics, there are a few top records that come to mind, Salt, Soul Heart Transplant, Carleen & The Groovers, Eddie Bo.. Here we have one of those top echelon soul/funk masterpieces. Recorded at the legendary True Soul studios in Little Rock, AR in 1971 by the Leaders and written by Donell Edwards. The Leaders B side was played in the Early 2000s by DJs like Keb Darge and Ian Wright, weirdly the vocal never quite touched the northern scene probably due to rarity or being too funky for the ears at the time. The is funk royalty though, rare as can be and an excellent 2 sider. Essential.


A (It's a) rat race (Vocal)

(It's a) rat race (Instrumental) 

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