The Koreatown Oddity – Finna Be Past Tense (Vinyl LP)

Stones Throw Records

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The Koreatown Oddity – Finna Be Past Tense Vinyl LP

Label: Stones Throw Records

Cat No: STH 2375

The new album from LA based MC/producer, Koreatown Oddity, AKA Dominique Purdy. Purdy explores his own special brand of experimental Hip Hop courtesy of the specialists in this area, Stones Throw Records.


A1 Land Before Time
A2 Fuck Dinosaurs
A3 They
A4 Yesterdays News
A5 Mood Of The Grind
A6 A Break From The Drama Of Life Drunk At The Wet T-Shirt Contest
B1 Don't Say 2 Or 1
B2 Spinning Axis
B3 Depressed But Hopeful
B4 Meditative Thought
B5 Regret Is Useless
B6 Time After Technology

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