The Cinematic Orchestra – Man With A Movie Camera (Vinyl 2LP)

Ninja Tune


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Label: Ninja Tune

Cat No: ZEN 78

A new soundtrack to the 1929 movie 'Man With A Movie Camera' by Dziga Vertov.
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A1 The Projectionist 0:06
A2 Melody 0:20
A3 Dawn 4:15
A4 The Awakening Of A Woman (Burnout) 10:20
B1 Reel Life (Evolution II) 6:56
B2 Postlude 1:45
B3 Evolution (Versao Portuense) 5:48

C1 Work It! (Man With The Movie Camera) 10:11
C2 Voyage 0:20
C3 Odessa 2:05
C4 Theme De Yoyo 2:20
C5 The Magician 2:26
D1 Theme Reprise 2:53
D2 Yoyo Waltz 1:16
D3 Drunken Tune 4:51
D4 The Animated Tripod 1:02
D5 All Things 6:00

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