The Cinematic Orchestra ‎– LateNightTales (Vinyl 2LP)



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The Cinematic Orchestra ‎– LateNightTales (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: LateNightTales

Cat No: ALNLP22

The Cinematic Orchestra opens their lens and gives us a glimpse into the world of other's music (and some of their own) through their eyes. If you've learned to trust the Cinematic Orchestra and their vivid exploration into the wide world of jazz, downtempo, and trip-hop with their dripping-wet, velvety, lush orchestrations, distinct vocals, and grooving rhythms then you can imagine what the journey is like on this album. This could be called the perfect soundtrack for the new decade. The meandering journey takes you through an eclectic collection of tracks that makes me believe everything Cinematic Orchestra touches turns to gold.


A1 –Flying Lotus Auntie´s Harp 7:10
A2 –Nick Drake Three Hours 6:52
A3 –Terry Callier You´re Goin´ Miss Your Candyman 7:18
B1 –The Freedom Sounds Featuring Wayne Henderson Behold The Day 4:41
B2 –Shuggie Otis Aht Uh Mi Hed 4:14
B3 –Thom Yorke Black Swan 7:11
B4 –The Cinematic Orchestra Restaurant (Exclusive Cover Version) 0:35
B5 –Steve Reich Electric Counterpoints 4:28
C1 –Björk Jóga 6:58
C2 –Imogen Heap Cumulus 6:59
C3 –Songstress* See Line Woman (See Line Woman Vocal) 7:21
D1 –Sebastien Tellier* La Ritournelle 7:33
D2 –Burial Dog Shelter 2:59
D3 –Burt Bacharach South American Getaway 6:54
D4 –The Cinematic Orchestra Talking About Freedom (Exclusive Cover Version) 4:36
D5 –Will Self "The Happy Detective" (Part 3) (Exclusice Spoken Word Piece) 1:44

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