The Awakening ‎– Hear, Sense And Feel (Vinyl LP)

Real Gone Music


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The Awakening ‎– Hear, Sense And Feel (Vinyl LP)

Label: Real Gone Music  

Cat No: RGM-1085

Not to be confused with the South African goth-rock act of the same name, The Awakening were the only group recorded by the famed Black Jazz label. Recorded in 1972, Hear, Sense And Feel was the band’s debut album and now fetches hundreds of dollars where it can be found. It now gets a re-issue on the Real Gone Music imprint.


A1 Awakening - Prologue Spring Thing 9:36
A2 When Will It Ever End 7:16
A3 Convulsions 6:37
B1 Kera's Dance 10:05
B2 Jupiter 7:33
B3 Brand New Feeling 5:50
B4 Awakening - Epilogue 1:08

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