The Allergies - Stanky Funk (7")

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The Allergies - Stanky Funk (7") 


For their latest feel-good and funky track, The Allergies hook up with a living legend in the history of hip-hop. Yes, The Pharcyde’s Bootie Brown takes pride of place on their brand-new slab of throwback rap, ‘Stanky Funk’.

Extolling the virtues of the cure-all wonder elixir that is ‘Stanky Funk’, Bootie hard sells the fictional product like a cable TV infomercial salesman, hammering home hilarious lyrics and the seemingly reasonable price tag with equal measure.

It’s a match made in hip-hop heaven, with The Allergies channelling classic early 90’s boom bap beat business. Beefing up lofi funk loops, neck-snap drums, cuts and rumbling basslines for one of the best to ever do it to get busy over.

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A. Stanky Funk

B. Never Gonna Let Go

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