The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing (Vinyl LP)

Jalapeno Records


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The Allergies - As We Do Our Thing Vinyl LP

Label: Jalapeno Records

Cat No: JAL213V

Effortlessly blending hip hop, disco and funk, the Allergies come with their long awaited album on Jalapeno.


A1 Intro
A2 Blast Off
A3 As We Do Our Thing
A4 Sound Advice
A5 Heartbreaker
A6 Real Thing Interlude
A7 Flip The Scripture
A8 Be With You
B9 Seven Days
B10 Rock Rock
B11 Special People
B12 You Wouldn't Know
B13 Love's Supposed To Be
B14 Infinito Interlude
B15 God Walked Down

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