Teakwood - A Distant Star (Vinyl LP)

Mo-Soul Records

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Teakwood - A Distant Star Vinyl LP

Label: Mo-Soul Records

Cat No: MSLP9053

The long awaited, as yet unreleased first album from Teakwood. Having been recorded in the 70's, this album has been buried for over 40 years, finally to get it's first official release in 2017 courtesy of Tramp Records.

Founding member, Fred Forsh: 

"Here we are, forty years later, finally releasing it to the public thanks to Tramp Records! This is a dream come true for me and it is my hope that you will enjoy listening to the music of Teakwood!"


A1 Teakwood Jesse
A2 Powerplay
A3 Anything and Everything
A4 Distant Star
B5 Moving On
B6 Got to Give You Up
B7 Ne'gera
B8 And You'll Never Know

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