Tapan meets Generation Taragalte ‎– Atlas (Vinyl 12")

Soundway Records


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Tapan meets Generation Taragalte ‎– Atlas (Vinyl 12")

Label: Soundway Records 

Cat No: SNDW12038

Soundway's latest cross-cultural missive is the result of a one-off 2018 studio session in Marrakech involving Belgrade-based Tapan - an act known for pushing a particularly dystopian take on techno and industrial music - and "electrified desert blues" group Generation Taragalte. It would be fair to say that the resultant music is thrillingly unique. Opener "Jbit Aala Khiam" is particularly impressive, with Generation Taragalte's psychedelic guitars, vocals and percussion rising above Tapan's pulsing, droning electronics over 11 mesmerising minutes. The squally saxophones, up-tempo rhythms, moody aural textures and chanted vocals of "Aha Yazine Kaymaltou" also make a big impression, as does the spaced-out Saharan psychedelia of "Hyatti". If it's fiendish fuzziness you're after, the EP's closing cut has that covered, too.


A1 Jbit Aala Khiam
A2 Aha Yazine Kaymaltou
B1 Hyatti
B2 Yogi Yamahssar

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