Tall Black Guy - Airplane Mode (Vinyl LP)

Tall Black Guy Productions US


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Tall Black Guy - Airplane Mode (Vinyl LP)

Label: Tall Black Guy Productions US

Cat No:  TBGP 5001


1. "Intro" (feat Bobby Rox)
2. "Relax Playa"
3. "You Sure Love It" (feat Kenny Keys)
4. "It's Gonna Be Trouble Find Myself" (interlude)
5. "There's No Wasting Time"
6. "Feel Involved In Love" (feat Mr. Tanqueray)
7. "Comfortable Place"
8. "The Next Level" (feat Keya Maeesha)
9. "Live At The Beeiscuit Lounge"
10. "Feeling Good Off That LIFE"
11. "Let Love Be Your Magic Carpet" (feat Kyotey Grey)
12. "Speak Low"

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