Swindle - No More Normal (Vinyl LP)

Brownswood Recordings


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Swindle - No More Normal (Vinyl LP) 

Label: Brownswood Recordings

Cat No: BWOOD191LP

Bridging the gap between London movements, from Grime to Jazz. Featuring an incredibly versatile range of artists, from Mansur Brown to D Double E.


A1 What We Do (Feat. Rider ShafIque, P Money, D Double E + Daley)
A2 Get Paid
A3 Drill Work (Feat. Ghetts)
A4 Run Up (Feat. Kiko Bun, Knucks, Eva Lazarus + Nubya Garcia)
A5 Coming Home (Feat. Kojey Radical)
A6 Reach The Stars (Feat. Andrew Ashong)
B1 Knowledge (Feat. Eva Lazarus + Kiko Bun)
B2 Take It Back (Feat. D Double E + Kiko Bun)
B3 California (Feat. Etta Bond + Kojey Radical)
B4. Talk A Lot (Feat. Eva Lazarus + Mansur Brown)
B5. Grateful (Feat. Kojey Radical + Rider ShafIque)

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