Sun Ra ‎– The Antique Blacks (Vinyl LP)

Art Yard


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Sun Ra ‎– The Antique Blacks (Vinyl LP) 

Label: Art Yard


The vitality you hear on Antique Blacks is a testament to the unique energy of the community around The Foxhole Cafe in Philadelphia, as Ra honed his unique brand of Afro-Futurism through the late 60';s and 70's. Cosmic theatre, spiritual chants, and experimental electronics make this record an essential document that was ahead of its time. Ancient to future!


A1 Song No.1 8:51
A2 There Is Change In The Air 10:57
A3 The Antique Blacks 3:38
B1 This Song Is Dedicated To Nature's God 3:57
B2 The Ridiculous "I" And The Cosmos Me 4:42
B3 Would I For All That Were 2:55
B4 Space Is The Place 8:10

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