Sun Ra And His Arkestra ‎– To Those Of Earth... And Other Worlds (Vinyl 2LP)

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Sun Ra And His Arkestra ‎– To Those Of Earth... And Other Worlds (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Strut Records

Cat No: STRUT125LP

Given the sheer amount of material released by spiritual jazz maestro Sun Ra over the years - 120-odd albums and counting - it can be hard for new listeners to know where to start. Gilles Peterson and Strut have come up with an answer: a two-LP Sun Ra primer, which casts a critical eye over his whole career in order to gather together some stone cold aural gold. Peterson has long been a Sun Ra obsessive, and does a superb job in representing the different sides of his career. Check, for example, the doo-wop sweetness of "Dreaming" (a 1955 collaboration with The Cosmic Rays), the African influenced weirdness of "Adventure Equation", and the outer-space brilliance of "Cluster of Galaxies". (CD edition included for free too)


LP-A1 –Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra* Love In Outer Space (Vocal) 3:50
LP-A2 –Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra* On Jupiter 4:02
LP-A3 –Sun Ra And His Myth-Sience Arkestra* Spontaneous Simplicity (Stereo Version) 3:01
LP-A4 –The Cosmic Rays With Sun Ra And The Arkestra* Dreaming 2:46
LP-A5 –Sun Ra And His Myth-Science Arkestra* Black Sky And Blue Moon 3:02
LP-B1 –Sun Ra* Enlightenment 2:57
LP-B2 –The Sun Ra Arkestra The World Of Africa 3:00
LP-B3 –Sun Ra And His Arkestra* They Plan To Leave 6:08
LP-B4 –Sun Ra And His Arkestra* Children Of The Sun 4:28
LP-C1 –Sun Ra And His Blue Universe Arkestra* Blackman 7:44
LP-C2 –Sun Ra And His Arkestra* India 4:50
LP-C3 –Sun Ra And His Arkestra* Mystery, Mr. Ra 3:07
LP-C4 –Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra* The All Of Everything 4:23
LP-D1 –Sun Ra Quartet Featuring John Gilmore When There Is No Sun 4:35
LP-D2 –Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Myth Science Solar Arkestra* Sleeping Beauty 11:51
LP-D3 –Sun Ra And His Myth-Science Arkestra* We Travel The Spaceways 3:27

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