Squarepusher ‎– Be Up A Hello (Vinyl LP)



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Squarepusher ‎– Be Up A Hello (Vinyl LP)

Label: Warp

Cat No: WARPLP309

While Tom Jenkinson has kept himself busy over the last few years with a variety of projects, there's been little as frenetic, mind-altering and exciting as his previous Squarepusher work. It's for that reason that "Be Up A Hello", his first full-length under his most famous alias for five years, is such a welcome development. From start to finish, it's a thrill-a-minute white-knuckle ride full of fizzing, high-octane acid lines, skittish up-tempo breakbeats, buzzing electronic melodies and surging bass. It's a sensory overload in the best possible way, with early forays into melodious, kaleidoscopic positivity making way for darker and nervier workouts later in the album. By the end, you'll be breathless and twitching, eager to press play and experience the madness all over again.


A1 Oberlove 3:49
A2 Hitsonu 4:10
A3 Nervelevers 5:28
A4 Speedcrank 5:50
A5 Detroit People Mover 4:22
B1 Vortrack 5:25
B2 Terminal Slam 4:53
B3 Mekrev Bass 7:07
B4 80 Ondula 5:40

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