Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. II (Vinyl 2LP)

Ne'Astra Music Group


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Slum Village - Fantastic Vol. 2 Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Ne'Astra Music Group

Cat No: NMG5763-LP

Reissue of Slum Village's classic album, produced by J Dilla. Including 2 bonus tracks at the end not featured on the original release.


A1 Intro
A2 Conant Gardens
A3 I Don't Know
A4 Climax (Girl Shit)
A5 Jealousy
A6 Hold Tight
B1 Tell Me
B2 What It's All About
B3 Forth & Back
B4 Untitled/Fantastic
B5 Fall In Love
C1 Get Dis Money
C2 Raise It Up
C3 Once Upon A Time
C4 Players
C5 Eyes Up
D1 2U4U
D2 CB4
D3 Go Ladies

Bonus Cuts

D4 Thelonius
D5 Fall In Love (Remix)


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