Skinshape - Filoxiny (Vinyl LP)

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Skinshape - Filoxiny (Vinyl LP)

Label: Lewis

Cat No: LEWIS 084LP

Should you be that travel agent searching for the original sound of 60s-70s in your funk, soul, psychedelic rock and folk today, then Will Dorey, aka Skinshape, is your partner in time. Tracks on the album sometimes comes across as easy to compare with a stream of other admired acts like Air ("After Midnight") to Beck and Australia's Tame Impala on "Metanoia" and "Life As One". Throughout the LP, furthermore, Skinshape's fourth, it's hard to not escape hints of French inspirations in its sometimes jazzy inspirations, with flickers of the 1973 soundtrack to the film La Planete sauvage (Fantastic Planet) never too far off. A highly recommended listen!


A1. "After Midnight" (4:42)
A2. "I Didn't Know" (3:39)
A3. "Metanoia" (4:04)
A4. "Shimmer" (4:34)
B1. "Breathe" (2:57)
B2. "Life As One" (4:18)
B3. "We Lose" (4:25)
B4. "Filoxiny" (3:44)

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