Skinshape - Arrogance Is The Death Of Men (Vinyl LP)

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Skinshape - Arrogance Is The Death Of Men (Vinyl LP)

Label: Lewis Recordings 

Cat No: LEWIS1091LP

You don't just hear the 1970s funk influences in Skinshape's music, you can feel them too - especially if you're doing the right thing soundsystem-wise. Tracks like 'The Eastern Connection' could almost be swapped-in for a Dilated Peoples instrumental, all lackadaisical roll and hot, balmy air. In actual fact, it's the work of Dorset, UK maestro, Will Dorey.

An accomplished musician with a significant back catalogue (make a note), the whole album struts, strides and strolls its way through intoxicating grooves. Half the time it's hard to know whether you should be kicking back on a tropical veranda slowly sipping on a fresh Old Fashioned. But then it's more timeless than vintage. Using elements of psyche, soul and sticky blues, while'Losing My Mind' is perhaps the apex - a heartfelt vocal slow jam that's made for tears before bed - there's more emotion in the crooning guitars alone here than many vocalists could hope to muster with words.


A1 Tomorrow
A2 Sound Of Your Voice
A3 Arrogance is the Death of Men
A4 The Eastern Connection
A5 Behind The Sun
B1 Another Day
B2 Losing My Mind
B3 Flight of the Erhu
B4 Watching From The Shadows
B5 Outro

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