Shuko - Electric Relaxation (Vinyl LP)


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Shuko - Electric Relaxation Vinyl LP

Label: Chimperator

Cat No: SHK003

About his latest project Shuko says: "I made this record for you guys to chill relaxe and have a good time. Many things changed in my life since 2015. A lot bullshit, pain and bad thoughts. Making music was the only way out of that mess. Stay positive!"


1 A New Beginning
2 Electric Relaxation
3 Space Jam
4 Do It Slow
5 Rio Bounce
6 Spread Love It's The Brooklyn Way
7 Help Me Find A Way
8 Nerdy
9 Sunday Morning Tea
10 Stressed Out 2016
11 Wavy
12 That Love Huh
13 Homies (feat. Fresh Daily)

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