Sean Price - The Gorilla Vinyl Box Set (Ltd. 6xLP Box)

Duck Down Music


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Sean Price - The Gorilla Vinyl Box Set - Limited Edition 6xLP Box w/ Hologram Cover Art

Label: Duck Down Music

Cat No: DDM-LP-2460

Sean Price tragically passed away in August, 2015 at the age of 43. Sean was a popular rapper, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He was celebrated for his work as ½ of the group, Heltah Skeltah, and 1/8 of the supergroup, Boot Camp Clik. However, his solo albums were what truly set him apart.

To highlight this work, Duck Down Music has created a truly unique vinyl box set featuring Sean Price's Monkey Barz, Jesus Price Supastar and Mic Tyson albums.

The limited-edition box set has a hologram cover depicting Sean Price in the jungle, battling a gang of angry gorillas. The scene is reminiscent of the art portrayed from his previous titles.

This is a limited edition Black Friday release!!


Monkey Barz

A1 Peep My Words 2:31
A2 One Two Yall 3:32
A3 Onion Head 3:01
A4 Fake Neptune 3:35
B1 Heartburn 4:02
B2 Shake Down 3:52
B3 Mad Mann 3:45
B4 Brokest Rapper You Know 1:35
C1 Boom Bye Yeah 3:13
C2 I Love You (B*tch) 3:20
C3 Bye Bye 3:40
C4 Spliff N Wessun 2:57
D1 Jail Shit 3:25
D2 Monkey Barz 3:16
D3 Slap Boxing 3:23
D4 Rising To The Top (Bonus Track) 5:03

Jesus Price Supastar

A1 Intro (Jesus Price) 1:46
A2 Like You 3:28
A3 P-Body 3:12
A4 Cardiac 3:48
B1 Stop 2:29
B2 Violent 3:34
B3 Da God 3:04
B4 Oops Upside Your Head 2:37
C1 Church 3:55
C2 King Kong 2:48
C3 One 1:51
C4 You Already Know 3:17
D1 Directors Cut 1:19
D2 Let It Be Known 3:18
D3 Hearing Aid 3:05
D4 Mess You Made 3:56

Mic Tyson

A1 The Genesis Of The Omega 2:01
A2 Bar-Barian 2:10
A3 Pyrex 2:35
A4 Price & Shining Armor 3:05
B1 Title Track 2:30
B2 Straight Music 2:10
B3 STFU Part 2 2:58
B4 Hush 2:36
C1 Solmon Grundy 3:48
C2 Frankenberry 2:21
C3 BBQ Sauce 3:05
C4 Bully Rap 3:46
D1 By The Way 2:24
D2 Battering Bars 2:53
D3 The Hardest Nigga Out 2:48

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