Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving (Vinyl LP)



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Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving (Vinyl LP)

Label: Leaf Label

Cat No: BAY112VX

Amercian composer and percussionist combines electronic hip hop and borken beat with Indian traditional sounds to create something truly unique. Limited edition transparent red vinyl with DL and postcard.


A1 Mumbay (feat MC Mawali) (5:28)
A2 Jallaad (0:21)
A3 Coolie (feat Delhi Sultanate & Prach Deep) (5:24)
A4 Bol (feat Zia Ahmed & Aditya Prakash) (9:11)
B1 Mango (feat Zia Ahmed) (3:40)
B2 City Of Words (feat TRAP POJU & Mirande) (11:56)
B3 Good Ol' Vilayati (feat Mirande) (4:21)
B4 Pravasis (feat Deepak Unnikrishnan) (2:07)

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