Roots Manuva - Bleeds (Vinyl LP)

Big Dada

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Label: Big Dada

Cat No: BD269

Bleeds is Roots Manuva’s first album since 2011’s 4evereveloution. Manuva has jokingly suggested that the title refers to the fact that he is ready to bleed for his art. It is also thought that the title refers to his melding of genres from hip-hop to techno, to funk and reggae - the way they bleed into one another. Four Tet and Adrian Sherwood guest on what has been described as his best album since his classic Run Come Save Me in 2001.


Side A

1. Hard Bastards
2. Crying
3. Facety 2:11
4. Don’t Breathe Out
5. Cargo

Side B

6. Stepping Hard
7. Me Up!
8. One Thing
9. I Know Your Face
10. Fighting For?

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