Rivage ‎– Sittin' On It (Vinyl LP)

Athens Of The North


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Rivage ‎– Sittin' On It (Vinyl LP)

Label: Athens Of The North

Cat No: AOTNLP034

Floridian modern soul band Rivage recorded just one single and a sole album during their early '80s heyday, and both are apparently amongst Athens of the North boss Euan Fryer's favourite records of all time. It makes sense then that he has decided to reissue their album, "Sittin' On It" - an ultra-rare affair from 1981 that is here presented for the first time with an alternative photo cover (apparently the band hated the original cover). There's plenty to get the juices flowing across the eight tracks, with our highlights including "Sha Na Na", a punchy call for "soul for the people" blessed with brilliant horn arrangements, the Clavinet-sporting disco-funk cheeriness of "I Need Your Love", the deliciously celebratory title track and sweet, flute-laden closer "Strung Out On Your Love".


A1 Sha-Na-Na 5:23
A2 All My Love For You 4:46
A3 I Need Your Love 4:35
A4 Waiting On A Sign 4:19
B1 Sittin' On It 8:11
B2 Strung Out On Your Love 7:07
B3 I Need You Baby 5:22
B4 Answer 4:51

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