Quelle Chris - Lullabies For The Broken Brain (Vinyl LP)

Mello Music Group

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Label: Mello Music Group

Cat No: MMG-00085-2


Side A

A1 Open The Brain 1:18
A2 Superlative High 1:36
A3 Junkyard Dogs 1:38
A4 It's You And I 1:05
A5 M-39 2:27
A6 Pencil, Pen, Paper 1:44
A7 Fear Of The Dark 1:27

Side B

B1 Peace In Pain 2:53
B2 Desire To Be 1:17
B3 Red Buttons 1:15
B4 Madhattan 2:41
B5 I'm The Bridge That You Must Burn 2:21
B6 Sickums 1:17
B7 Midnight Double Feature 2:28
B8 Avenge The Living (For The Broken Brain) 2:03


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