Quakers ‎– II - The Next Wave (Vinyl 2LP)

Stones Throw Records


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Quakers ‎– II - The Next Wave (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Stones Throw Records

Cat No: STH2437

A full eight years on from their debut album on Stones Throw, Quakers are back with a follow up. The long awaited record is an immense affair from the much vaunted super group and it calls upon a number of collaborators along the way including radioactivist, Bob Banner, and Sampa The Great. IN fact, over the 30 tracks, 25 MCs add their own sounds to the production of Supa K (fka Katalyst), 7STU7, and Fuzzface, aka Geoff Barrow. It's an authentic modern day statement with hard hitting beats, incisive lyrics and a real narrative.

Limited edition blue vinyl.


1 Electrify
2 Start It Like This (feat. Phat Kat)
3 One Of A Kind (feat. Guilty Simpson) 
4 Sell your soul
5 Bare Essentials (feat. The Niyat)
6 A Myth (feat. Sageinfinite)
7 This Station
8 Alive
9 Heat On It (feat. Grandmilly)
10 Double Jointed (feat. The Koreatown Oddity)
11 Who Dat (feat. Chester Watson)
12 Radiola (feat. Radioactivists)
13 Gun Control (feat. The Black Opera)
14 We Tried
15 Duck & Cover (feat. Guilty Simpson, Cysion)
16 Morphine (feat. Bob Banner)
17 Approach With Caution feat. Sampa The Great
18 The Streets
19 Looking For Love (feat. Denmark Vessey)
20 Fa Real (feat. Jeru The Damaja)
21 A Quick Fix (feat. YC, Super Vic)
22 Test My Patience (feat. Jonwayne)
23 Too Many To Count
24 Greatness (feat. Nolan The Ninja)
25 Hit List (feat. Cazeaux O.L.S.O)
26 Another Kind Of War (feat. Jeremiah Jae)
27 Leaflet Drops
28 One O’Clock
29 All Of It (feat. Boog Brown)
30 Machine Room (feat. Fat Ray)
31 Pain (feat. Sav Killz)
32 The Line (feat. Cavalier)
33 Blocks (feat. Dionté Boom)

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