Prince Fatty and Shniece - Black Rabbit (Vinyl 7")

Evergreen Germany


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Prince Fatty and Shniece - Black Rabbit (Vinyl 7")

Label: Evergreen Germany

Cat No: EVER 112

Shniece has become a key collaborator of Prince Fatty's having made such a fine impression when she guested on his 'In The Viper's Shadow' album last year. This new hook up is a winding journey that opens with some truly mind bending and psyched out 60s sounds riding on a trippy dub, and littered with samples from a public service broadcast on drugs. It's somehow a dark yet euphoric dub with a killer backbeat and futuristic edge A dub version peels things back to the drum work and lets the magic of this fine partnership shine.


1. "Black Rabbit" (feat Shniece McMenamin) (3:46)
2. "Black Rabbit" (dub) (3:43)

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