Penny Penny ‎– Yogo Yogo (Vinyl LP)

Awesome Tapes From Africa

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Penny Penny ‎– Yogo Yogo (Vinyl LP)

Label: Awesome Tapes From Africa

Cat No:  SHAN 49 R

‘Yogo Yogo’ first arrived in the years following ’Shaka Bundu’, which first brought the top-knot sporting singer/dancer attention across Africa in the late ‘90s. His follow-up doubled down on that album’s formula of anthem chorus and breezing, mid-tempo SA grooves tiled with deep house pop pads and lyrics about the newfound political freedom of his home country in the post-Apartheid era. We may not understand the lyrics but we definitely get the vibes, which pretty much work like a one riddim album with subtle adjustments to the shading of the pads and natty hooks, at best in the bumping deep house hustle of ‘Kulani Kulani’, the slightly more uptempo tilt of ‘Dodomedzi’, and the pure ’floor balm of ‘Ama Owners’.


A1 Ibola Aids
A2 Ingani
A3 Amarumasi
A4 Kulani Kulani
B1 Hai Kamina
B2 Yogo Yogo
B3 Ti Samboko
B4 Ama Owners

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