Patchworks feat Nelson Dialect - Blue Benz (Vinyl 7")

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Patchworks feat Nelson Dialect - Blue Benz (Vinyl 7")

Label: Favorite France

Cat No: FVR 168

French label Favourite have put together an exclusive collab here. French producer Bruno 'Patchworks' Hovart and Australian born, NYC-based rapper and poet Nelson Dialect both met years ago and after long discussing plans to work together, they finally made it happen. Their metal love of early 90s hip hop brought them together and sure shines through here with a luxuriant sound that rolls deep. 'Blue Benz' has festive tambourines and nice bendy leads with golden string sounds and smooth rhymes as well as sublet Rhdoes work. 'Jazzy Blue Benz' rides a more loopy beat to perfection as electric guitar slides and sweet horns flesh things out.


1. "Blue Benz" (3:17)
2. "Jazzy Blue Benz" (4:06)

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