Paper Tiger - Blast Off (Vinyl LP)

Wah Wah 45's


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Paper Tiger - Blast Off Vinyl LP

Label: Wah Wah 45's

Cat No: WAHLP009

Great release from Paper Tiger. Take some broken-beat, add in a touch of jazz, funk and some electronic elements and you'll have "Blast Off'. Another LP with the quality we've come to expect from Wah Wah 45's.


A1 Asimo's Run 4:22
A2 I'm A Helicopter 5:06
A3 The Strut 1:20
A4 Weight in Space 4:08
A5 Same Mistakes (Flawless Victory) 5:01
A6 Superhero 4:39
B1 Ooh 3:49
B2 Rap Game Ted Danson 1:55
B3 Electric Sheep 6:02
B4 Rush 2:59
B5 Opposite Of A Cat 1:51
B6 Origami Sessions 4:02

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