Orchestre Shika-Shika ‎– Hit After Hit (Vinyl LP)

No Wahala Sounds


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Orchestre Shika-Shika ‎– Hit After Hit (Vinyl LP)

Label: No Wahala Sounds

Cat No: NWS06

A selection of uptempo guitar-driven singles recorded by Congolese supergroup Shika Shika who formed in Kenya in 1981. While Shika Shika were only around for three years, during that short time they recorded four albums and over 80 singles on at least 16 labels.


A1 Mangenge 8:53
A2 Tika Na Lela 8:06
A3 Cherie Safi (Pt. 1) 4:36
B4 Cherie Safi (Pt. 2) 4:38
B5 Bibi Tamaa 8:17
B6 Bana Nkoi 9:27

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