Okonski - Magnolia (Vinyl LP)

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Okonski - Magnolia (Vinyl LP)

CLMN 12053

Cream vinyl.

Debut LP from Okonski. Features current and former members of Durand Jones and the Indications (Steve Okonski, Aaron Frazer, and Michael Montgomery).

The studio at 122 West Loveland Avenue was not an unfamiliar space for Steve Okonski, the leader of his eponymous trio Okonski. Ever since the Colemine label set up shop in Loveland, Ohio it has been a host to a number of groups passing through town, including Durand Jones and the Indications who all of this trio’s members have connections to. After setting aside some time in winter of 2020, Okonski, trained initially as a classical pianist, invited Michael Isvara “Ish” Montgomery and Aaron Frazer to work on an album that was initially planned to be beat driven and fully composed trio instrumentals.

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A1.  Runner Up  5:38
A2.  Field Museum  3:34
A3.  Old Friend  2:01
A4.  Dark Moon  3:05
B1.  Song For My Sister's Son 4:40
B2.  Walking To A Home  3:43
B3.  Sunday  6:45

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