Ofege ‎– How Do You Feel (Vinyl LP)

Tidal Waves Music


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Ofege ‎– How Do You Feel (Vinyl LP)

Label: Tidal Waves Music

Cat No: TWM46

How Do You Feel (released in 1978 on Polydor Nigeria) is Ofege’s fourth (and final) album. On this amazing record, the listener is treated to the trademark Ofege sound, but you can also hear the band absorbing some of the other things that were happening at the time (like disco & reggae). By 1978, North American bands like Funkadelic and the Ohio Players that had formerly purveyed raggedly funky rock were shifting their output exclusively towards slicker, more dancefloor-oriented material. These shifts also applied to bands on the European and African continent…and Ofege was no exception. The difference in sound from their earlier recordings sounds organic and can be attributed to the band’s burgeoning maturity & said changes in their musical environment.


A1     World Peace     
A2     Burning Jungle     
A3     Check It Out     
A4     Bomp Your Booty     
A5     Take Your Mind Away     
B1     How Do You Feel     
B2     Ideal Situation     
B3     Naira Power     
B4     Nature Queen     
B5     Frustration

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