Noumen - Obscurium (Vinyl 2LP)

Central Processing Unit


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Noumen - Obscurium (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Central Processing Unit

Cat No: CPU01010010

Following his critically acclaimed 2017 debut album Apeiron, enigmatic artist Noumen, aka Andriy Vezdenko, returns to CPU with his second album 'Obscurium'. Vezdenko demonstrates mastery in the studio again with his signature melodic, uneasy and challenging rhythms. Obscurium travels down a path seldom trod in experimental electronic music; thoroughly enjoyable and brimming with musicality. Quintessential abstract electronics.


A1 Mist
A2 Hydra
A3 Call Of Darkness
A4 Haunter
B1 Clinch
B2 Lock
B3 Square
C1 Spleen Tear
C2 Winter Sighs
C3 Arclight
D1 Tail
D2 Fading
D3 Slick AC
D4 Flow Through The Surface

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