Nkono Teles - Love Vibration (Vinyl LP)



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Nkono Teles - Love Vibration (Vinyl LP)


 Soundway releases a storming compilation of Cameroonian-born, Nigerian-based super producer Nkono Teles’ solo work. The pioneer of West African electronic music was known for being tapped by over 100 other musicians to produce or arrange their music, from King Sunny Adé, Guy Lobe, even Steve Monite's album "Only You" and more.

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A1. Martin Street Special  6:50
A2. Love Got Hold On Me (Instrumental) 4:14
A3. Hometown Weather 4:42
B1. Martin Street (New Version) 5:36
B2. Love Vibration 5:05
B3. Party Beats 6:35

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