Nitai Hershkovits - I Asked You a Question (Vinyl LP)

Raw Tapes


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Nitai Hershkovits - I Asked You a Question Vinyl LP

Label: Raw Tapes Records

Cat No: RAW0065R

Experimental electronic-jazz from NY based pianist/ composer, Nitai Hershkovits. Nitai combines the jazz and classical worlds in 'I Asked You A Question', with production techniques pinched from the world of modern electronic music.


1 Robin
2 Leaded Sanity
3 Satellite Dish (feat. Georgia Ann Muldrow)
4 My Turn (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
5 Oman Moon
6 Rainbow vs. Uniporn
7 Lesson of the Cage (feat. Amir Bresler)
8 Queen of the Village
9 The Palm of Your Hand (feat. Yogev Glusman)
10 Datlash (feat. Shai Tsabari)
11 Ten Will Get You Twenty
12 Terra Throne

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