Nick Walters ‎– Active Imagination (Vinyl LP)



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Nick Walters ‎– Active Imagination (Vinyl LP)

Label: 22a

Cat No: 22a031

When the time came to record his second album for 22a, trumpeter Nick Waters gathered some of his jazz musician friends and Smokehouse studios, quickly explained the plan and then recorded the resultant improvisations. There was minimal rehearsal - just sketching out of rhythms and grooves - but the results are little less than inspired. Although avant-garde in ethos and built around improvisations, the five tracks on "Active Imagination" never lose their shape, focus or vibe. It's as if the assembled musicians were fully in-sync, with call-and-response solos and expressive instrumental motifs rising above loose-limbed drum patterns that flit between brain-scrambling intensity and hushed, late night calm.


A1 So Long Chef 11:08
A2 Ahimsa 8:00
B3 Gordian Knot (Part I) 3:15
B4 Gordian Knot (Part II) 11:10
B5 Dansoman Last Stop 6:21

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