Nick Hakim ‎– Will This Make Me Good (Vinyl 2LP)

ATO Records


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Nick Hakim ‎– Will This Make Me Good (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: ATO Records

Cat No: LP324

It would be fair to say that Nick Hakim's new album - his third, following 2017's breakthrough set "Green Twins" - is not a barrel of laughs. It is, though, something of a stunner. So while the lyrics are thoughtful, weighty and heartfelt, mixing social and political commentary with the kind of care-worn personal introspection he does so well - the music is stirring and emotion-rich, offering a take on soul that fuses grandiose, wall-of-sound production (read: lots of reverb) with densely layered backing vocals, snare-heavy beats, and slightly psychedelic instrumentation that recalls both the glory days of conscious soul and the kind of lo-fi soul that revels in its stripped-back looseness. Highlights are plentiful throughout, with the epic "Qadir" and super-sweet "Crumpy" initially catching the ear.


A1 All These Changes 4:10
A2 WTMMG 4:42
A3 Bouncing 6:39
B1 Let It Out 1:54
B2 Qadir 7:32
B3 All These Instruments 4:09
C1 Drum Thing 2:48
C2 Vincent Tyler 2:57
C3 Crumpy 3:07
D1 Gods Dirty Work 4:26
D2 Seeing Double 5:22
D3 Whoo 5:04

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