MNDSGN - No Maps (Vinyl LP)

Mndsgn Limited

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MNDSGN - No Maps (Vinyl LP)

Label: Mndsgn Limited

Cat No: MND001

NoMaps traces a transitional period between two coasts, soundtracking Mndsgn’s transplant from New Jersey to Los Angeles. The 15 tracks take their own detours, in and out of softsynth compositions, textured loops and hard bops to illustrate relocation and it’s reflective nature. Collage by Yuk.


A1 Lahtro (0:27)
A2 Respawn (Free) (2:06)
A3 Question (2:06)
A4 Photobooth (1:50)
A5 Save (2:10)
A6 Tropikal (SS) (1:00)
A7 Stumble (2:24)
A8 Mt Hoodie (2:23)
B1 Sustas (1:37)
B2 MawninFace (1:46)
B3 PorcelainPeople (2:48)
B4 HerNumerxledge (2:21)
B5 Riff (2:07)
B6 TeaTreez (2:12)
B7 Cinnabreads (4:15)

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